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Bethel Presbyterian Church


There are a number of articles and papers, written by people who have links with Bethel, which are in the public domain. Some of them can be accessed here:

Was Adam a Real Person? by Rev. Mark G. Johnston 

Calvin and Piety by Rev. Mark G. Johnston

Where have they Gone? by Rev. Mark G. Johnston

Effectual Calling and Trinitarian Balance by Rev. Mark G. Johnston

Alone, but Never Alone by Rev. Mark G. Johnston 

Christ our Righteousness by Rev. Todd D. Matocha

How Should I Benefit from Communion? by Rev Ian Hamilton

The Father’s Great Love by Rev. Todd D. Matocha

The Christian Family by Rev. Todd D. Matocha

Developing a Trinitarian Mind by Rev. Dr. Robert Letham

Belonging to Christ’s Church by Rev Dr Peter J Naylor