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Bethel Presbyterian Church

Faith Explored

There are two sides to exploring the Christian Faith. The obvious one being for those who want to find out what Christianity is and how a person becomes a Christian. The other is for those who have already expressed their belief in the Christian message, the gospel, by trusting Jesus Christ for salvation, who now want to grow in their newfound relationship with God as disciples, or followers of Jesus. Here in Bethel we see both as important.


Exploring Christianity

Whether you are just beginning to find out about the Christian Faith or want to explore the its message more deeply, we hope you'll find helpful materials here.

Course Details

Christianity Explored is an informal 7-week course for people who'd like to investigate Christianity, or just brush up on the basics. Looking at Mark's gospel, it explores who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him.

Christianity Explored is primarily for anyone who wants to investigate Christianity informally with a group of other people. Whether you have previous experience of Church, Christians and the Bible, or none at all, this course is for you. Everyone is welcome - from the most sympathetic Sunday schooler to the convinced atheist.

Courses come in various shapes and sizes. 

A typical evening starts with a bite to eat or maybe just a few cups of coffee, then there's a chance to look at the Bible for yourself and ask any questions that you have. There is a short talk, or the DVD, and then a chance to chat about what you've just heard.

The material is so flexible that it is now being used in countless different formats including very small groups and even one to one, and in settings as diverse as homes, prisons and schools.

If you'd like to find out more, or find out when the next course is running, please contact us



The Life of Faith

 If you've just become a Christian and are wondering where you go from here, or whether you've been a Christian for a while and would value a fresh look at what is involved in living the Christian life, there are different resources you may find helpful. Some are found here.

 Discipleship Explored

Discipleship Explored is a journey into the book of Philippians. As they discover Paul's extraordinary letter, participants explore for themselves the meaning of Paul's words: "For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."

DE is ideal for young Christians but is also great for anyone who wants to grow in their Christian life, being encouraged to stand firm and live for Christ. It is compelling, challenging and inspiring!

Carefully-crafted Bible-study questions, detailed guidance for leaders, and day-by-day Bible reading notes for participants are all included alongside a Bible reading plan to help every participant explore. If you'd like to find out more, or find out when the next course is running, please contact us