WORSHIP TIMES | Sundays at 11.00 am and 6:00 pm
Bethel Presbyterian Church

Our hope and vision

Our Hope:

To Reach our local Community and the wider World with God’s Good News for Salvation
To Build God’s People as his New Community in the Church and for his Glory
To Send every Christian, equipped for service, to live and speak for Christ wherever he has placed them

Our Values:

That Christ is Supreme
• Over all for his Father’s glory and his people’s good
• As the One we trust for salvation and are called to obey

That the Church is Central to God’s Purpose
• As God’s redeemed community
• As God’s worshiping community
• As God’s serving community

That the Means of Grace are Vital to spiritual Wellbeing because
• Christ builds his church by the Holy Spirit through his word, fellowship, the sacraments and prayer
• Christians grow in relationship with God and with one another through these God-appointed means

That all Christians are Called to Serve Christ
• Every Christian has been given gifts for service
• Every Christian is called to use their gifts for God
• Every Christian is to live for Christ wherever they are
• Every Christian is to speak of Christ in all areas of life

Our Purpose:

To lead people to faith in Christ that we may grow together as the body of Christ and serve Christ as we live and labour for him to the glory of God